ICSOC 2015 Accepted Papers

Research Track – Full Papers

Kattepur, Ajay (1); Georgantas, Nikolaos (2); Bouloukakis, Georgios (2); Issarny, Valerie (2)1: TCS, India; 2: Inria, FranceAnalysis of Timing Constraints in Heterogeneous Middleware InteractionsService-Oriented Architecture, Theoretical Foundations, Quality of Service, Pervasive and Mobile Services, Internet of Things
Barakat, Lina (1); Taylor, Phillip (2); Griffiths, Nathan (2); Miles, Simon (1)1: King's College London, United Kingdom; 2: University of Warwick, United KingdomContext-driven Assessment of Provider Reputation in Composite Provision ScenariosService Composition, Security, Privacy and Trust, Human-Provided and Outsourcing of Services
Schmieders, Eric; Metzger, Andreas; Pohl, KlausPaluno (University Duisburg-Essen), GermanyRuntime Model-based Privacy Checks of Big Data Cloud ServicesQuality of Service, Security, Privacy and Trust, Managing Service Infrastructure, Services for Big Data, Service Governance
Kuhlenkamp, Jörn; Rudolph, Kevin; Bermbach, DavidTU Berlin, GermanyAISLE: Assessment of Provisioned Service Levels in Public IaaS-based Database SystemsCloud Service Management, Managing Service Infrastructure
Copil, Georgiana; Truong, Hong-Linh; Dustdar, SchahramVienna University of Technology, AustriaSupporting Cloud Service Operation Management for ElasticityCloud Service Management, Software Engineering Models, Methods and Methodologies for XaaS, Quality of Service, Service Change Management, Managing Service Infrastructure, Service Integration and Orchestration in the Cloud
Liu, Chunhong (1); Shang, Yanlei (1); Duan, Li (1,2); Chen, Shiping (2); Liu, Chuanchang (1); Chen, Junliang (1)1: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China, People's Republic of; 2: Digital Productivity Flagship, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, AustraliaOptimizing Workload Category for Adaptive Workload Predction in Service CloudsCloud Platform Management
Nguyen, Tien-Dung; Truong, Hong-Linh; Copil, Georgiana; Le, Duc-Hung; Moldovan, Daniel; Dustdar, SchahramVienna University of Technology, AustriaOn Developing and Operating of Elastic Processes for Data-as-a-ServiceService Composition
Gerard, Scott Neal (1); Telang, Pankaj Ramesh (2); Kalia, Anup Kumar (3); Singh, Munindar Paul (3)1: IBM, United States of America; 2: Cisco Systems Inc., United States of America; 3: North Carolina State University, United States of AmericaPositron: Composing Commitment ProtocolsService Composition, Service Engineering Methods, Business Process Modelling
Telang, Pankaj (1); Kalia, Anup (2); John, Madden (3); Singh, Munindar (2)1: Cisco Systems Inc, United States of America; 2: North Carolina State University; 3: Duke University Medical CenterCombining Practical and Dialectical Commitments for Service EngagementsTheoretical Foundations, Business Service Modeling, Business Process Modelling, Service Governance
Ludwig, Heiko (1); Stamou, Katerina (1); Mohamed, Mohamed (1); Mandagere, Nagapramod (1); Langston, Bryan (1); Alatorre, Gabriel (1); Nakamura, Hiroaki (2); Anya, Obinna (1); Keller, Alexander (3)1: IBM Research, United States of America; 2: IBM Research, Japan; 3: IBM Global Technology Services, United States of AmericarSLA: Monitoring SLAs in dynamic service environmentsCloud Service Management, Quality of Service, Managing Service Infrastructure, Service Integration and Orchestration in the Cloud
Palma, Francis (1,2); Gonzalez-Huerta, Javier (2); Moha, Naouel (2); Guéhéneuc, Yann-Gaël (1); Tremblay, Guy (2)1: École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada; 2: Université du Québec à Montréal, CanadaAre RESTful APIs Well-designed? Detection of their Linguistic (Anti)PatternsService Design, Service Description, Service-Oriented Architecture, Service Engineering Methods, Social Networks and Services, Semantic Web Services, RESTful Web Services
Gonzalez, Pavel (1); Griesmayer, Andreas (2); Lomuscio, Alessio (1)1: Imperial College London, United Kingdom; 2: ARMVerification of GSM-based Artifact-centric Systems by Predicate AbstractionTheoretical Foundations
WANG, HONGBING (1); WU, QIN (1); CHEN, XIN (1); YU, QI (2)1: Southeast University, China, People's Republic of; 2: College of Computing and Information Sciences, Rochester Institute of Tech, USAIntegrating Gaussian Process with Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Service CompositionService Composition
Sun, Yu-Jen John; Barukh, Moshe Chai; Benatallah, Boualem; Beheshti, Seyed-Mehdi-RezaUniversity of New South Wales, AustraliaScalable SaaS-based Process Customization with Case WallsService Composition, Service-Oriented Architecture, Management Processes and Methods, Managing Service Infrastructure, Service Integration and Orchestration in the Cloud, Business Process Modelling, RESTful Web Services
Kaes, Georg; Rinderle-Ma, StefanieUniversity of Vienna, AustriaMining and Querying Process Change Information based on Change TreesService Change Management, Business Process Modelling
Pourmirza, Shaya; Dijkman, Remco; Grefen, PaulEindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, TheCorrelation Mining: Mining Process Orchestrations without Case IdentifiersService Discovery and Mining, Business Process Modelling
Eshuis, Rik (1); Hull, Richard (2); Yi, Mengfei (1)1: School of Industrial Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands; 2: IBM Research, United States of AmericaProperty Preservation in Adaptive Case ManagementTheoretical Foundations, Business Process Modelling, Service Customization
Jain, Aditi; Liu, Xumin; Yu, QiRochester Institute of Technology, United States of AmericaAggregating Functionality, Use History, and Popularity of APIs to Recommend Mashup CreationService Composition, Service Discovery and Mining, RESTful Web Services


Research Track – Short Papers

Ghari Neiat, Azadeh; Bouguettaya, Athman; Sellis, TimosRMIT University, AustraliaSpatio-Temporal Composition of Crowdsourced ServicesService Composition, Service-Oriented Architecture, Social Networks and Services, Quality of Service, Services in Specific Application Domains (Domain-Specific Services), Internet of Things
Barakat, Lina; Taweel, Adel; Luck, Michael; Miles, SimonKing's College London, United KingdomA Context-aware Approach for Personalised and Adaptive QoS AssessmentsQuality of Service, Service Change Management
Bucchiarone, Antonio; De Sanctis, Martina; Marconi, Annapaola; Pistore, Marco; Traverso, PaoloFondazione Bruno Kessler, ItalyDesign for Adaptation of Distributed Service-based SystemsService Design, Service Composition, Service-Oriented Architecture, Services in Specific Application Domains (Domain-Specific Services), Service Customization
Kalia, Anup Kumar; Murukannaiah, Pradeep Kumar; Singh, Munindar PaulNorth Carolina State University, United States of AmericaTRACE: A Dynamic Model of Trust based on People-Driven Service EngagementsBusiness Intelligence and Analytics for Services, Security, Privacy and Trust, Human-Provided and Outsourcing of Services
Mistry, Sajib; Bouguettaya, Athman; Dong, Hai; Qin, A. K.RMIT University, AustraliaEconomic Model based Genetic Optimization for Long-term IaaS Service CompositionService Composition
Chen, Chao; He, Ligang; Gao, Bo; Chang, ChengUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomModelling and Optimizing Bandwidth Provision for Interacting Cloud ServicesCloud Service Management, Cloud Workflow Management
Mantripragada, Kiran; Tizzei, Leonardo P.; Binotto, Alecio P. D.; Netto, Marco A. S.IBM ResearchAn SLA-based Advisor for Placement of HPC Jobs on Hybrid CloudsXaaS (Service Applications and Implementations, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), Cloud Brokers and Coordination Across Multiple Resource Managers
Hoenisch, Philipp (1,2); Weber, Ingo (2,3); Schulte, Stefan (1); Zhu, Liming (2,3); Fekete, Alan (4)1: Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria; 2: Software Systems Research Group, NICTA, Sydney; 3: School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia; 4: School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney, AustraliaFour-fold Auto-scaling on a Contemporary Deployment Platforms using Docker ContainersService-Oriented Architecture, XaaS (Service Applications and Implementations, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), Execution and Resource Allocation Services
Abu-Khzam, Faisal (1); Bazgan, Cristina (2,3); El Haddad, Joyce (2); Sikora, Florian (2)1: Departement of Computer Science and Mathematics, Lebanese American University, Lebanon; 2: PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine, LAMSADE UMR CNRS 7243,France; 3: Institut Universitaire de FranceOn the Complexity of QoS-aware Service Selection ProblemTheoretical Foundations, Quality of Service

Industry Track

Di Cosmo\, Roberto (2); Eiche, Antoine (3); Mauro, Jacopo (1); Zacchiroli, Stefano (1); Zavattaro, Gianluigi (2); Zwolakowski, Jakub (2)1: University of Bologna, Italy; 2: Univ. Paris Diderot; 3: MandrivaAutomatic Deployment of Services in the Cloud with Aeolus BlenderCloud Service Management, Service Integration and Orchestration in the Cloud
R.P., Jagadeesh Chandra Bose; Gupta, Avantika; Chander, Deepthi; Ramanath, Ajith; Dasgupta, KoustuvXerox Research Centre India, IndiaOpportunities for Process Improvement: A Cross-Clientele Analysis of Event Data Using Process MiningBusiness Intelligence and Analytics for Services, Quality of Service, Human-Provided and Outsourcing of Services, Management Processes and Methods
Sindhgatta, Renuka (1); Ghose, Aditya (2)1: IBM Research, India; 2: University of WollongongAnalyzing Resource Behavior to Aid Task AssignmentBusiness Intelligence and Analytics for Services, Execution and Resource Allocation Services
Yadav, Kuldeep; Kumar, Abhishek; Chugh, Amandeep; Wadhwa, Rakshit; Singh, Mridula; Eswaran, Sharanya; Mukherjee, TridibXerox Research Center, India,SenseX: Design and Deployment of a Pervasive Wellness Monitoring Platform for WorkplacesPervasive and Mobile Services
Megahed, Aly (1); Gajananan, Kugamoorthy (2); Abe, Mari (2); Jiang, Shun (1); Smith, Mark (3); Nakamura, Taiga (1)1: IBM Research - Almaden, San Jose, CA, United States of America; 2: IBM Research - Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; 3: IBM Global Technology Services, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire, United KingdomPricing IT Service Deals: A More Agile Top-Down ApproachService Design, Business Service Modeling, Cost and Pricing of Services, Services in Specific Application Domains (Domain-Specific Services)